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100% Satisfaction Guaranteedwhy is the exclusive authorized re-seller for Ultimate 10 Mode Rapid Fire Chips world-wide used for modding Xbox 360 controllers. Our install kits include everything you will need to install your Ultimate 10 Mode Rapid Fire Chip. The goal with Rapid Fire Chips is to convert single shot weapons and three-round burst weapons to fully automatics. This will give you an advantage in gameplay against your opponents. It will also increase the accuracy of your aim and shot since you don't have to keep pressing the trigger button to fire a weapon constantly. 

Our 10 Mode Ultimate Rapid Fire chips are compatible with all major war games including the COD series, Halo, Gears of War, Left for Dead, Grand Theft Auto, and many more. Once you install the rapid fire chip you will have 10 adjustable modes that can be set to any speed you would need. This means you can set each rapid fire mode to a speed corresponding to your favorite games so you never have to adjust the speed again. Just change modes to bring up your desired speed. All of our Ultimate 10 Mode Rapid Fire chips are 100% undetectable in gameplay!


All of our Ultimate 10 Mode Rapid Fire Chips let you add on additional exclusive mods to add functionality to your modded controller. Our exclusive add-on mods include:
Jitter (Auto Burst) - All semi automatic weapons become fully automatic when using the Jitter option.
Drop Shot Mod (COD games only) - With one click of the custom installed tac button your player drops to the floor and rapid fires against the opponent. The opponent has no time to react giving YOU the advantage when using drop shot.
Fast Reload - (COD games Only); Reloads your weapon within a second, giving you the time to fire back at your opponent before getting killed.
Perfect Active Reload - (Gears of War 2 Only) Allows you to reload on point without missing the reload line.
Quick Scope - Allows you to zoom in and take a shot with one press of the installed tac button